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To provide leadership and to disseminate technical information in the fields of:
The physics of the break down of long air gaps, physical experimentation and mathematical modeling.
The lightning attachment process
The physics of lightning protection devices
The interaction of lightning protection devices with lightning phenomena
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Laboratory Validation of Streamer Inhibiting Electrode, HVDC Fields
Introducing the world's best lightning rod, the scientifically based Field Sensitive Air Terminal or FSAT
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Lightning Electrotechnologies Product Details
  Name: FSAT (Field Sensitive Air Terminal)  
  Category: Lightning Protection Equipment, Air terminal product  
An F-SAT is a revolutionary lightning rod that is specifically designed to resist the production of electric discharges during the slowly varying electric fields that precede a lightning strike. These discharges can result in lightning rod self-shielding and the reduce a lightning rod's ability to intercept a lightning strike.

In addition, an F-SAT is carefully tuned to the dimensions of the structure upon which it is placed such that under the rapidly varying electric field of the descending lightning leader, the F-SAT will reliably launch an upward connecting leader to intercept the lightning strike. Furthermore these physical properties are stable and insensitive to the effects of raindrops and other natural contaminants.

Under the same thunderstorm conditions, lightning rods placed on structures of different dimensions are not exposed to the same electric field intensities. Structure height is a critical factor but so are the overall dimensions of the structure as a whole. Under identical thunderstorm conditions, a lightning rod situated a top a slender 200m-tall radio tower is not exposed to the same electric field intensities as a lightning rod placed a top a 200m-tall office building.

Therefore the F-SAT is not a one-size-fits-all solution. F-SATs come in a number of sizes determined by the number of toriods as well as variations in the major and minor diameters of the toriods that constitute each F-SAT. An F-SAT system must be properly matched with the structure it is designed to protect.

  Explanation: Depending on the objectives, F-SATs can be deployed to protect structures in two ways. Firstly, if placed on a sufficiently tall mast and depending on the horizontal dimensions of the structure, a single F-SAT placed in a central location can be used to reliably protect a structure. Alternatively a number of smaller F-SATs can be placed strategically around the structure top to ensure adequate protection.

The basic dimensions of the structure will determine a number of installation options with the properly dimensioned F-SATs.
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