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To provide leadership and to disseminate technical information in the fields of:
The physics of the break down of long air gaps, physical experimentation and mathematical modeling.
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The physics of lightning protection devices
The interaction of lightning protection devices with lightning phenomena
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Lightning Electrotechnologies Product Details
  Name: Streamer Inhibiting Electrode, Streamer Inhibitor  
  Category: Lightning Protection Equipment, Air terminal product  
A Streamer Inhibitor, a Streamer Inhibiting Electrode or simply an Inhibitor is a lightning air terminal that is specifically designed to predictably reduce the risk of a direct lightning strike to a structure.

A Streamer Inhibitor uses the ambient electric fields to produce charges in the glow mode over a very broad voltage range.

A Streamer inhibitor does not use points or point electrodes to produce charges, an Inhibitor uses patented thin-conductor coils (diameter: 0.05mm - 0.01mm) to produce charges via glow mode corona or DC or pulseless corona. When it comes to the production of electric charges, the Inhibitor has five major advantages over any device that uses point electrodes.

1. An Inhibitor, by variation of its dimensions can be tuned to begin the production of electric charges at very low levels of the ambient ground field or at very low levels of the slowly varying electric fields that precede a lightning strike.

2. By varying the dimensions of the electrode the rate of charge produced can be varied. This is not the case with a point electrode device since it has been shown that increasing the number of points does not increase the rate of charge production. ref. [5].

3. Unlike any device that uses point electrodes, an Inhibitor is not prone to the production of streamers, an Inhibitor produces charges or (corona) in the glow-mode (streamer free) over a very broad range of electric field strengths.

4. Since the Inhibitor produces charges in the glow-mode it can produce far greater rates of charge than any device that uses point electrodes.

5. In addition to sustaining the glow-mode corona under the slowly varying electric fields that precede a lightning strike, an Inhibitor continues to produce glow-mode corona under the rapidly varying electric fields of the remote descending lightning leader.

These advantages result in a predictable zone of protection that can extend for tens of meters around each installed Streamer Inhibitor Streamer Inhibitors are modular in nature and their shape, dimensions and the number of units used will be dependent on the size and shape of the structure to be protected.

For example a number of Double-Toroid Inhibitors and Inhibiting Conductors may be used to protect a very tall power line transmission tower, whereas one single Toroid Inhibitor may be used to protect a radar antenna on a ship or security equipment on a mast.

Inhibitor support structures available in stainless steel or aluminum, the thin conductor coils are currently only available in stainless steel but copper will soon be added as an option. The choice of material is strictly limited to issues of corrosion. The choice of material has no effect on the effectiveness of the Streamer Inhibitor.

Streamer Inhibitors comply with NFPA 780, UL96 and IEC 62305. All support structures meet or exceed minimum cross-section dimensional requirements.
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